Thursday, January 17, 2008

Greetings Marketing Savants (or people just looking for something clever to read)!

Welcome to our very first posting of 'Practicing Our Purpose'. This blog is CCI Studios' footloose and fancy-free way of just calling it like we see it when it comes to marketing and communications.

The purpose of this area is to share with you ideas, thoughts, views, perspectives, lessons and pretty much anything else of use in our field of expertise - and pretty much business in general.

So, sit back, read away, and enjoy our newest feature on - Practicing Our Purpose.

Being that this is our first shot at this blog, the format you see today may not be the format that exists tomorrow. But, for our first post, we are going to bring back a classic ad, which we happen to think is pure genius. Terrible Terry Tate stars in the 'Office Linebacker' commercial that Reebok put out a few years ago. Brilliant on many levels, these ads combine football and the office environment, and do so in such a way that they are a satire on the modern athlete as well as means to show how certain fundamental principles can span any discipline. Plus, with lines like 'You kill the 'jo, you make some 'mo' - how do you NOT love this?

So, here is the original ad...enjoy, and keep practicing.