Monday, February 18, 2008


Well, today we want to talk about something very simple - having purpose. It is the title of the blog, so we might want to address it.

The concept is simple - market with a purpose.

The one question you may ask is "What do you define as a 'purpose'?" Great question - your purpose is the underlying point you want to convey to your audience. Before you put pen to paper to ink a logo, mouse to mouse pad to design a single material, or say 'action' on your commercial, ask yourself what EXACTLY are you trying to say? What word, feeling, term, characteristic, trait, etc. is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for you to explain about your company to your market? Once you define what that purpose is - every single action from there on out MUST fit within that purpose.

Marketing with a purpose serves three ultimate goals:

1) This gives you definitive end to strive for. You will never know how far you have come if you never determine where you are trying to be - and articulating your purpose for your marketing will serve as the most basic, foundational metric for measuring your success or failure.

2) It helps you know when you have done good enough. If you define what your purpose is, you will know when your efforts are of a high enough quality because they will perfectly convey what you originally defined in your purpose. If your materials do not permeate with EXACTLY what you stipulate in your purpose - they are not good enough and need to be be better.

3) It is a guideline for ALL marketing decisions. A certain promotion, advertisement, logo, or marketing initiative will either fit into your purpose, or it will not. If it does not, it does not ever see the light of day.

Your purpose is your blueprint. No building is constructed without a drawing, no game won without a strategy, no life successful without meaning - as no marketing plan can be successful without a purpose.

Keep practicing.