Thursday, March 13, 2008


What's the fine word this week, fellow marketeers?

That is simple...the word is "consistency".

Once you have determined what your underlying purpose is to your marketing initiatives, the only way to make that purpose count is to have it ooze from EVERYTHING you do and everywhere you appear.

This may seem like a simple lesson - but the truth is, SO many organizations drop the ball when fulfilling this part of their marketing plan.

The underlying reason for this failure is that businesses believe they have covered off this need when they create a logo and plaster it on everything they do. This is a large part of the process, but this is the EASY part. 'Easy Consistency' is comprised of the following:

1) Business cards
2) Letterhead
3) Fax Sheet
4) Email Signatures
5) Envelopes
6) Labels
7) CD Covers
8) Brochures
9) Flyers
10) Pretty much ANY print material related to your company.

This level of consistency is ESSENTIAL, but it is the easy stuff. It should be made up of the same logo, the same font, the same business name, etc. - across the board on everything.

But, once this is done, business tend to forget the next level - the 'Hard Consistency'. Hard consistency is having your pre-determined purpose emanate from EVERYTHING your business does. Some 'Hard Consistency' areas are:

1) The words/tone used by everyone to answer the phone in your office
2) Keywords utilized in emails/letters to potential clients/existing customers
3) Dress/Appearance during business meetings
4) Articulation during face-to-face meetings and phone conferences
5) The way co-workers in your own company interact with one another

This is just a short list, but it is these things that serve as the meat to the potatoes...the easy consistency is the first impression - the hard consistency is the depth of your company.

Eat, drink and market merry.

Keep practicing,