Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Top of the morning, Marketeers,

This week we have a ridiculously simple and to the point lesson:


When you are in a brainstorming session ANY idea is a good idea. If someone is inspired by a picture of a duck at their desk - let them have it there.

The absolute best ideas, thoughts, innovations and strategies may not come from something right off the top of your team's head, but it may be a derivative of an idea that passes through multiple stages of refinement.

Too often we become structured in what we say because we are afraid of how off-the-wall ideas will be received or reacted to. No idea is too crazy, no notion too 'out-there'. If you limit these creative outlets with on-the-spot rejections, you are not only killing creative momentum at that moment, but you are eliminating the possibility of creative ideas in the future due to producing a trained condition based on past experiences of negative feedback.

Let the ideas flow, allow creativity to flourish - and your campaigns will follow.

Until next week...keep practicing.