Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What is the good word, CCI fans?

Today's lesson is simple - it's the competitive elephant.

We all have competition. It's a fact of business life. Our clients have competitors, their clients have competitors - competition is the essence of economics.

Yet, from a marketing perspective - you do not have to walk around the elephant in the room. Often times clever marketing actually includes the use of a firm's competitors in their own marketing. This can accomplish two things: It helps you stand out as the best of the best in the industry as it seems as if there are really ONLY a few competitors, thus generating elite brand value among customers. It also helps you or your clients say what you want to say, without having to implicitly mention your competitors - this is as explicit as it comes.

Here are two great examples:

The first is done by Pepsi:

And, of course, the popular 'Mac and PC' commercials:

Do not be afraid to talk about/show/market that competitive elephant - there is brand value to be had by doing so.

Until next week...keep practicing.