Tuesday, April 29, 2008

G'day Marketing Savants,

Today's lesson is simple:

If a marketing practice for your organization is working - why change it?!

In our line of work, people often think that offering a new marketing strategy means having to do something completely new and off-the-wall, without analyzing if there is value to what is currently being done.

A perfect example of this is the video below. In the top frame is the trailer for the original 'Batman' movie and the bottom frame is the trailer for the new 'Dark Knight' film due out this summer:

As you can see - almost shot-for-shot - the two mimic one another. This is not coincidence - what has worked in the past still works now, just with updated content. That sequence or strategy of presenting images and telling the short story of the movie is what is MOST effective when drawing an audience.

So, although the content has changed, the plan has not - and the impact will be that of effective conveying of the story being told.

Thanks for stopping by.

Keep practicing.