Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'd like to think I'm a fairly productive guy.

I try to maximize my day, work efficiently, and try to spend less time thinking about the tasks I need to accomplish, and more time actually accomplishing them.

But, the fact of the matter is - I have a secret weapon...

Ok, so it's not revolutionary in ANY way, but having music going most of my waking hours helps get me in the right mood to tackle the challenges of the day. Sometimes the mood calls for low-key, acoustically dominated tracks to get my head in the right speaking/thinking mood (how are you doing today, Coldplay?) and other times creativity runs rampant with the blaring of some bounce inducing hip-hop (hello, Beastie Boys) and/or fist clenching guitar riffs (top of the morning, Metallica). As you can tell, eclectic tastes abound.

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that there have been one or twelve times where impromptu karaoke has broken out at the office and/or musically themed (like '80s cheese songs', 'inspirational stuff', and 'stuff-on-our-mixed-tapes-when-we-were-teens' samples) days sprang up out of nowhere. I mean, come on, what stirs creativity more than "How Do You Talk To An Angel" by The Heights?!

Yes, I just admitted that.

So, what is the point, you ask? Music is good. Especially at work. Even more especially when the song fits the mood.

It is true - I just wrote an entire blog reaching a simple conclusion that our species has known since the first beat was busted from tree branch to stone drum.

Turn up the volume and let the work happen.