Monday, August 18, 2008

The Olympics are awesome.

Yes, that is an un-small understatement - but, it is true.

Seriously - every four years (well, two - technically) the world joins up for two weeks of celebration, peace and unity via sport.

Whether you are a sports enthusiast or not - there is just something that brings people together to cheer on sports they do not even think are being participated in until these two weeks roll around. Seriously - did I know Canada was a haven for women's wrestlers? Nope. Did I even know that 'Trampoline' was an Olympic sport? Probably not. But, would I actually get choked up if someone from the true north strong and free won a gold medal in Archery and I was able to watch them stand proudly as our flag was raised and our anthem played? You bet your sweet sugar buns I would.

The Olympics represent an ideal - and every act of sportsmanship or patriotism is a manifestation of a belief in simple, pure, united existence. I know, I know - that is as altruistic as things come, but it is true. You do not see players storming the stands to fight with spectators. You do not see bench-clearing brawls. You do not have to worry about contract negotiations, greed, international treaties or even wars - as for two weeks, the world stops and actually enjoys one another - with little regard for race, nationality, or religion.

Even corporations promote the ideal of the Olympics - such as Coke with this ad:

The Olympics are wicked. There is just no other way for it to be said. In a world of advancing technology and increasing self-satisfaction, the Olympics are a celebration of human interaction, bodily sacrifice and physical achievement.

Let's hope it stays that way.