Thursday, October 2, 2008

That's right - only 17 days until the big half marathon.

Yup, approximately 408 hours from this exact moment I will be trudging myself along the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Half Marathon course.

Am I ready?

Well, 'ready' is a relative term. Yes, I am ready. I am feeling pretty good about this race - only because the goal here is not to win it this year, but to have a good showing and then after a bit celebratory bubbly, it will be back to the pavement/trail/road again to start training for bigger and better things next year.

I am not quite there yet, but already the training process has taught me more about both running and myself than I would have ever thought. The funny part is - there is a point where you are running and the only thing you have to get you through that last leg is the thoughts in your own head. The music on your iPod gets zoned out, the sound of your breathing stops being hear, your own footsteps are completely natural - but you need to find that one thing, that single thought that will push mind over body and bring you across the finish line.

What is my thought? Ha...well I am not going to divulge ALL my secrets on this blog, so the answer to that will have to wait.

Until then, whenever I have a morning where I do NOT want to get up and run (especially as the mornings get darker and colder) there is always one thing that will get my butt moving, and that, I will happily share with you:

"No pain. No Pain. No Pain".


I love that montage - and if that does not help you get off your butt, then I'm not sure what will.

Two and a half more weeks - and then it is go time.

I gotta go for a run.