Wednesday, January 21, 2009 came and it went.

The primaries, the conventions, the nominations, the campaigning, the election - and yesterday - the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America - Barack Obama.

I have no idea if you like President Obama or not. You may disagree with some of his politics, or his faith views, or anything, thankfully, this post is not about him as a member of government.

No, today's post is simple - I will support him because he hopes. Not only does he hope, but he realizes that action is the heat necessary to bake that hope into golden brown change. An idealist? Maybe he is. Yet, I believe his actions will speak volumes as I feel he has no laurels to be rested on and no desire to back-slap beyond the last dance at the last ball yesterday evening.

Did you see the Inauguration? Did you see the people? 2 million. And...not a SINGLE arrest. As CCI Programmer, Jon Bennett, said "all they had to clean up was the garbage". Seriously - TWO MILLION people?! And, when you really think about it - the vast majority of them traveled from all over the country just to catch a glimpse of their new President - ON A SCREEN.

THAT kind of active participation in government...and in the something the world should welcome. The presence of a man who seemingly wants to choose good. Will he always make the right decisions? Maybe not. Will he falter? It would be hard for anyone to meet the expectations placed on him. Yet, that has not stopped him from wanting to make changes and creating a US its citizens can be proud of - and the world can be honoured to call an ally.

The presence of this type of hope - the type that inspires people of all walks of life to believe in the goodness in the world - is something I will cheer vigorously for.

I can use all of the words I want to try to explain why I believe in this man, but I think he did it best in his Inaugural Address, yesterday (in two parts):

I have no idea if President Obama will follow through on his promises. No one knows if he will even be a good Commander in Chief. But, people believe in him. They believe in his goals, in his conviction, in his character, and in his hopes.

It might take a long time to bake...but I can only imagine what that hope - in the US and around the world - will smell like once it comes out of that oven, as change.