Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh, hello.

Yes, it has been a while since I have written - and a lot has happened. Iran had a "legit" presidential election, The King of Pop died (and millions of people became obsessed with following every second of the story on every digital medium imaginable) and Jon and Kate both need a date (groan, I know).

Yet, the most important thing that has happened (in my eyes at least) in the re-branding of my company, CCI Studios.

On May 30th, CCI Celebrated its 6th Birthday. Being that we were about to enter our 7th year of operations, we felt it was time to show the world who we are and why...well...we are awesome.

Part of our new feel is the tagline "Website Design. Marketing Stuff. Good Times".

The first two parts of that tag line are fairly self-explanatory, but it is the third part - the "Good Times" part that I want to make sure people understand.

In our ads, Good Times is defined as being fun, professional, laid back, top-quality, creative, old school and, of course, "not against taking Friday afternoons off to golfing".

Good Times is not just a marketing ploy - it is a way of life. Not just for CCI Studios, but for myself and for our Staff and clients.

In a day and age when ponzi schemes are running rampant, you can face litigation for not looking at someone the proper way, accountability has gone the way of horse and buggy and "successfully" completing a project is when you are beyond deadline and over budget, Good Times is itself a mentality. It is a way of doing business...good business. VERY good business.

To be my Uncle Frank, I am pissed off at the laziness and arrogance with which companies today operate. Too often it takes days to get a response from a business (if I get one at all), or people are rude, disrespectful, condescending and narcissistic. Businesses believe that the clients exist for them - rather than the business existing for the client. Good Times is not some simpleton slang term, it is a dedication to doing business that will make our clients happy. We will not JUST provide phenomenal products, but we will do so with service that is top-notch and an attention to detail not seen since before we all forgot how important the small things were (i.e. pre-computer).

Don't get me wrong - the client does not get off easy. We have expectations of our clients - that they will treat us with respect and will work within the process we have established so as to keep everyone on the same page. Yes, we will charge money for the services we provide and we expect prompt payment, but those charges will be fair and equal for the job being done.

Good Times can be any number of things - but it is a philosophy.

Good Times is...

...Staff discussions about the better TV show - LOST or 24?
...Answering the telephone with a smile so our clients can sense our attitude.
...Responding to emails and phone calls within a maximum of 24 hours.
...Being honest with our clients.
...Holding ourselves accountable for the quality of our work.
...Expecting the best from ourselves before we expect anything of anyone else.
...Casual Fridays.
...Having integrity in everything we do.
...Working at being the best damn company to work with on the planet. Period.

It is time to break the mold of doing business the way everyone else does it - because in all honestly - too often businesses do garbage business.

We will lead if others will follow. Let's all expect a little more from ourselves and, in turn, produce better results from that which we get - and that which we give.

THAT is Good Times.