Thursday, November 25, 2010

The following is a blog post from Vice President of NATIONAL Public Relations (, Marlo Taylor, who is also someone CCI Studios happens to be a big fan of. Mrs. Taylor is a kind and compassionate individual...who also happens to not take any sh*t from anyone...and we think that's pretty cool.

Originally posted on November 24, 2010 at

This post has been bubbling in my head for some time. Last week, a third person was accused of faking cancer and defrauding his supporters out of thousands of dollars.

What is wrong with people? Are you that desperate for attention/money/infamy that you will stoop to pretending to have a disease that continues to ravage the lives of thousands of Canadians and their families every day?

I’ve had cancer and news flash: you don’t want it.

You know what you were pretending, Mr. Oh So Clever Schemer?

You were pretending you walked into the doctor’s office one day and in one fell swoop the wind was knocked out of you and that you were now in for the fight of your life.

You were pretending that everything you love was potentially going to be taken away from you and, unless the miracles of science and God were on your side, there was nothing you could do about it.

You were pretending that the future you can imagine goes not one step further then the end of some hellish treatment, where you will wait again to hear where the journey will take you next.

You were pretending that you spent hours being infused with drugs the nurses won’t touch. Yeah, that’s right, they won’t touch them without gloves but they’re going to infuse them into your veins hoping that it will be enough.

You were pretending that it doesn’t matter that your hair fell out and that you were trying to be brave when you suddenly found yourself standing in a pile of it one morning after what should have been just a regular shower.

You were pretending that there will be other Christmases to make up for the one you missed throwing up after your last round of chemo.

You were pretending that you have one friggin’ clue about what you’re talking about and what it means to fight this bastard of a disease.

You were pretending you have a soul; cuz frankly, if you are capable of this, I highly doubt it.

I don’t even wish cancer on you cuz it sucks that much. How dare you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I was in a situation at work the other day and I was unsure how to come to a resolve, when I remembered something from my very first job that I had learned from my first boss. You never know when a lesson learned years ago will come in handy today.

I consider myself pretty lucky to have always had people in my life that I look up to. As I get older and start to figure out whom I want to be and the things that I value, I realize more and more the large role these different people have played in shaping who I am.

Our first role models in life are our parents or other family members like grandparents, aunts or uncles and older siblings. These people have influenced my beliefs and personality characteristics. Over the last year or so I have had a few moments where I think “Oh my gosh I am turning into my mother”. Not that this is a bad thing because I love my mother very much and I would be happy to be like her (for the most part). It’s just very interesting that it has taken me 25 years to realize this.

The first women I worked for taught me about professionalism, work ethics and the value of excellent customer service. I still call on these fist work experiences in my current career. She also trusted me with responsibilities which allowed me to figure out for myself what I was capable of. I did not sail through every challenge with grace but falling flat on your face is part of the learning curve so I am thankful that she allowed me to do so.

I have a friend who has taught me a lot simply through example. She has faced some challenges in her life that many people would not handle with the grace that she has. Being a friend, this woman is not afraid to share parts of her life with me, the good parts and the bad parts. By doing so I have learned that sometimes crappy things happen to good people but even in the face of sadness, grief and fear there is always something to be grateful for.

These are just a few examples of the people who have influenced my life and I continue to be surrounded by people who challenge me in new ways. I don’t know if these people realize the impact they have had on my personal and professional life but I am grateful.

This also makes me aware of the fact, that weather I like it or not, I am impacting the lives of the people around me. This can be a scary thought because I am not perfect and I’m sure sometimes it’s not a positive impact that I am having on others. This thought has at least made me aware of the ripple effect that we all have on each other and it’s defiantly encouraging me to think a little more about my actions.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The other night I was hanging out with my little sister and I had planned a night of fun, inexpensive activities for us to do. Being a big sister and having to plan weekly activities has really made me take a detailed look at all the great things that Sarnia, Lambton has to offer. I am finding that during the summer there are lots festivals, shows and out door eateries available, you sometimes just need to look a little closer to find them.

So I have recently been visiting the County of Lambton Website, The Sarnia Tourism Website and even the local radio station website, to see what I can find for me and my little sister to enjoy for little to no cost. Last week I had planned for us to have dinner at Purdy’s Fisheries, a walk through the Gallery Lambton and then a stroll down to the Library on Christina Street to pick up some carefree summer reads.

I had never been to Purdy’s and I find it exciting to try new restaurants. The fish was awesome! We ordered perch and pickerel and shared so we could try both kinds of fish. The weather was wonderful that night and we were lucky enough to get a seat right next to the water. There was lots of traffic on the river; I never sees to be amazed by the gargantuan size of the ships that travel the St. Clair river.

Next we were headed to Gallery Lambton. On our way there, we noticed the antique car show going on in Centennial Park so we decided to take a walk through the park. Arriving at the art gallery we found our selves alone to enjoy the art. A Gallery Lambton employee joined us shortly after we went in. He asked if we would like him to tell us about some of the art.

The man explained that the current show was a display of art work owned by Gallery Lambton and that what we were seeing was only a small portion of art owned by the Gallery. He toured us around the art gallery explaining how some of the art work had come to be part of this collection.

There was art from the Group of Seven, new art from local artists and pieces that had found themselves in the possession of Gallery Lambton without any records.
I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the history of the artwork and the stories of its purchasers. When the man left me and Belinda to walk around on our own, we took turns guessing what some of the abstract art was.

Shamefully I will admit this was only my second visit to Gallery Lambton. Learning the history of the art work gave me a greater appreciation for how important the Gallery Lambton is to the heritage of Sarnia, Lambton. I am going to make an honest effort to visit more frequently.

Lastly we found ourselves at the library. I love the library! I love the smell of the books and I like the quiet noise. My little sister and I set off into our desired library sections and began the hunt for our next great read. I found Tori Spelling’s new book “Uncharted TerrriTori” and my little sister found a few vampire mysteries. We spent some time just hanging out reading the beginning of our books until they announced that the Library would be closing.

As we walked down Christina Street on the way back to my car I reminisced about the events of our night. I couldn’t help but think that I don’t really savor all that Sarnia Lambton has to offer. I am going to start now though. I think part of the reason is because, this is where I live and I drive by the same things every day. I don’t always SEE what’s around me but from now on I am going to start looking a little harder.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well...I'm slacking (again).

The (unfortunate) but inevitable end of the summer has brought me to a date I have been looking forward to for months. On Tuesday, August 17, 2010, I will be embarking on a three-week odyssey hiking trip across the majority of the Western United States.

The reason for the trip is simple - it's vacation time and I want to do something different. That, and a good friend of mine has a chunk of time off, so we figured a road trip was the best thing to fill in the gaps.

So, on the 17th, I set out from Sarnia and will head to Notre Dame, Indiana. From there, on the morning of the 18th, we head west - and what happens after that, no one knows. Our path involves hitting as many great hikes as possible at as many amazing places as possible - and the order (as shown in the image below) goes like this:

A) Aspen, Colorado
B) Grand Canyon, Arizona
C) Las Vegas, Nevada (ok, there's not too much hiking happening there)
D) Yosemite National Park, California
E) Lake Tahoe, Californa
F) Park City, Utah

It is certainly not an unambitious trip, but what fun is a road trip if you don't take a few chances?

More or less, the point of the trip is to spend three weeks wreaking havoc on the trails and mountains of the Western US, have a boat-load of laughs and try to remember a time when people enjoyed things without having to be plugged in 24/7.

As I get ready to head out on this trip I can already feel my apprehension growing. I have no doubt that the Team will hold down the fort, but I am actually uptight about "unplugging"! I know, I know -I should relish the opportunity to turn the cell off and not worry about things for a few weeks. I think that is the first realization that has come from a trip I haven't even left for yet - that I (and I'm sure many people in the world) am so COMPLETELY dependent being 'connected'.

I don't know if it's funny - or just plain sad! - that I am mildly worried about this. Whether it is the office phone, cell phone, email, messenger, Facebook, Twitter, the blog (that I am ironically using to tell you all of this) or any other mode of connectivity, it honestly makes me wonder what we did before the internet was as big a part of our lives as it's become. I mean, we are only talking about mainstream internet usage for the past, what, 10-12 years?! Yet, you would think that we were just shaping the wheel and doing nothing more than grunting as of 1995.

Thankfully, we did a lot more before the Information Age, and I am beginning to see that it is not only a wanted break - but a needed one. Being outside as much as possible, not worrying about the number of bars on my phone is something that I'm looking forward to - and maybe we should all remember to do every now and then.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Blog World,

My name is Heather and I am the sales manager at CCI Studios. My role is to connect with/consult prospective clients on the marketing services we offer and which will assist them in best growing their business. I truly enjoy my career choice of working in sales and I am not sure what else I would do. Just a few days ago someone asked me “Would it matter what I sold or if I would like to sell something else, what would it be? I pondered for a second; fashion would be great because I would always have the latest fashion trends, insurance would be nice because you are advising people how to protect what is most valuable to them, buying a home is a very special time in a persons life, having an opportunity to be a part of that through real estate sales would be neat.

Then I thought about all the interesting and rewarding things that come with working at a marketing firm and not just any Marketing Firm, CCI Studios. I get to interact with people who have careers in all sorts of lines of work and learn about those businesses. I have an opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who are starting a new business and assist them in creating an image to represent their business. These entrepreneurs have such passion for their products and services, their drive becomes infectious. Working with non profit organizations is a wonderful experience, I know that the marketing we are creating is working to promote awareness and raise funds for a cause. I also have an opportunity at CCI Studios, to donate a marketing project to a charity or organization of my choice each year.

Marketing in general (which it is anything but) is fascinating to me because it is so directly related to sales. Working with clients to build their marketing, deciding how to best promote that marketing and directing the finished product toward the clients target market, I am basically working side by side with our clients to help them sell their products and services.

So I guess, in some ways, I do sell a lot of different products and services. Because I am working with so many different businesses, I am always learning, which I love! All in all I think I could sell anything but I definitely love what I am selling at CCI and I think that it’s a great sales environment to be in.

I look forward to making new working relationships at CCI Studios and helping those clients turn their ideas and dreams not only into a reality but into a great success.

Until next time,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greetings Blogosphere!

We are back!

I realize I am probably the only person truly excited about this seeing as myself (and maybe sometimes my Mom) read this blog. But, after taking almost a FULL YEAR off from writing the 'Can we kick it?' blog - we are back up and running.

I suppose one thing I should do is bring you guys up to speed on what has been happening in the past year since I logged in and banged out some sometimes-not-unfunny sentences.

Being that this blog is ensconced in all things CCI Studios, that is where I should probably start. CCI is growing! Onward and upward has been the vibe around the office the past year. Speaking of offices - we have upgraded and moved into a new one :) It's a great spot that has an open-concept feel and as much natural light as we can pour into it. In addition to that, we have brought on our new Sales Manager, Heather Brown and we have had two new graphic designers bringing our clients ideas to life. So, all-in-all, CCI's looking pretty good and we're all having a good time watching it grow.

Oh, and, one other cool thing did happen - we won an OBA. That's 'Outstanding Business Achievement' Award. It was a big black tie gala event, with awards, entertainment and us having the ability to get our named called and receive a pretty cool award for 'Excellence in Marketing & Promotions'. Very cool stuff :)

Beyond that, life is good. There have been marriages, babies, celebrations, sadness, long days, longer nights, belly laughs, rounds of golf and everything else that comes in one's way in the course of a year - we are doing well.

The question that I'm sure has been plaguing everyone since you landed on our new-look page is undoubtedly
"Why did you decide to re-start this weak blog"

To be entirely honest, I have no good reason as to why I haven't written. I like writing. I like the internet. Put those two together and I should be blogging 'til my hearts content, but alas, that has not been the case. But, I figured that with a new website, a little tweak in our marketing efforts - and the fact that I dig on typing things that maybe 7 and a half other people find amusing, then it was time to dust off the old keyboard and let things ride.

So, here we are. Back writing a thing or fifteen once, maybe twice (if I'm feel particularly verbose) a week. Hopefully it'll be funny and hopefully it'll be interesting. Hopefully, it just doesn't suck.

It's good to back.