Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Greetings Blogosphere!

We are back!

I realize I am probably the only person truly excited about this seeing as myself (and maybe sometimes my Mom) read this blog. But, after taking almost a FULL YEAR off from writing the 'Can we kick it?' blog - we are back up and running.

I suppose one thing I should do is bring you guys up to speed on what has been happening in the past year since I logged in and banged out some sometimes-not-unfunny sentences.

Being that this blog is ensconced in all things CCI Studios, that is where I should probably start. CCI is growing! Onward and upward has been the vibe around the office the past year. Speaking of offices - we have upgraded and moved into a new one :) It's a great spot that has an open-concept feel and as much natural light as we can pour into it. In addition to that, we have brought on our new Sales Manager, Heather Brown and we have had two new graphic designers bringing our clients ideas to life. So, all-in-all, CCI's looking pretty good and we're all having a good time watching it grow.

Oh, and, one other cool thing did happen - we won an OBA. That's 'Outstanding Business Achievement' Award. It was a big black tie gala event, with awards, entertainment and us having the ability to get our named called and receive a pretty cool award for 'Excellence in Marketing & Promotions'. Very cool stuff :)

Beyond that, life is good. There have been marriages, babies, celebrations, sadness, long days, longer nights, belly laughs, rounds of golf and everything else that comes in one's way in the course of a year - we are doing well.

The question that I'm sure has been plaguing everyone since you landed on our new-look page is undoubtedly
"Why did you decide to re-start this weak blog"

To be entirely honest, I have no good reason as to why I haven't written. I like writing. I like the internet. Put those two together and I should be blogging 'til my hearts content, but alas, that has not been the case. But, I figured that with a new website, a little tweak in our marketing efforts - and the fact that I dig on typing things that maybe 7 and a half other people find amusing, then it was time to dust off the old keyboard and let things ride.

So, here we are. Back writing a thing or fifteen once, maybe twice (if I'm feel particularly verbose) a week. Hopefully it'll be funny and hopefully it'll be interesting. Hopefully, it just doesn't suck.

It's good to back.