Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Blog World,

My name is Heather and I am the sales manager at CCI Studios. My role is to connect with/consult prospective clients on the marketing services we offer and which will assist them in best growing their business. I truly enjoy my career choice of working in sales and I am not sure what else I would do. Just a few days ago someone asked me “Would it matter what I sold or if I would like to sell something else, what would it be? I pondered for a second; fashion would be great because I would always have the latest fashion trends, insurance would be nice because you are advising people how to protect what is most valuable to them, buying a home is a very special time in a persons life, having an opportunity to be a part of that through real estate sales would be neat.

Then I thought about all the interesting and rewarding things that come with working at a marketing firm and not just any Marketing Firm, CCI Studios. I get to interact with people who have careers in all sorts of lines of work and learn about those businesses. I have an opportunity to work with entrepreneurs who are starting a new business and assist them in creating an image to represent their business. These entrepreneurs have such passion for their products and services, their drive becomes infectious. Working with non profit organizations is a wonderful experience, I know that the marketing we are creating is working to promote awareness and raise funds for a cause. I also have an opportunity at CCI Studios, to donate a marketing project to a charity or organization of my choice each year.

Marketing in general (which it is anything but) is fascinating to me because it is so directly related to sales. Working with clients to build their marketing, deciding how to best promote that marketing and directing the finished product toward the clients target market, I am basically working side by side with our clients to help them sell their products and services.

So I guess, in some ways, I do sell a lot of different products and services. Because I am working with so many different businesses, I am always learning, which I love! All in all I think I could sell anything but I definitely love what I am selling at CCI and I think that it’s a great sales environment to be in.

I look forward to making new working relationships at CCI Studios and helping those clients turn their ideas and dreams not only into a reality but into a great success.

Until next time,