Monday, October 18, 2010

I was in a situation at work the other day and I was unsure how to come to a resolve, when I remembered something from my very first job that I had learned from my first boss. You never know when a lesson learned years ago will come in handy today.

I consider myself pretty lucky to have always had people in my life that I look up to. As I get older and start to figure out whom I want to be and the things that I value, I realize more and more the large role these different people have played in shaping who I am.

Our first role models in life are our parents or other family members like grandparents, aunts or uncles and older siblings. These people have influenced my beliefs and personality characteristics. Over the last year or so I have had a few moments where I think “Oh my gosh I am turning into my mother”. Not that this is a bad thing because I love my mother very much and I would be happy to be like her (for the most part). It’s just very interesting that it has taken me 25 years to realize this.

The first women I worked for taught me about professionalism, work ethics and the value of excellent customer service. I still call on these fist work experiences in my current career. She also trusted me with responsibilities which allowed me to figure out for myself what I was capable of. I did not sail through every challenge with grace but falling flat on your face is part of the learning curve so I am thankful that she allowed me to do so.

I have a friend who has taught me a lot simply through example. She has faced some challenges in her life that many people would not handle with the grace that she has. Being a friend, this woman is not afraid to share parts of her life with me, the good parts and the bad parts. By doing so I have learned that sometimes crappy things happen to good people but even in the face of sadness, grief and fear there is always something to be grateful for.

These are just a few examples of the people who have influenced my life and I continue to be surrounded by people who challenge me in new ways. I don’t know if these people realize the impact they have had on my personal and professional life but I am grateful.

This also makes me aware of the fact, that weather I like it or not, I am impacting the lives of the people around me. This can be a scary thought because I am not perfect and I’m sure sometimes it’s not a positive impact that I am having on others. This thought has at least made me aware of the ripple effect that we all have on each other and it’s defiantly encouraging me to think a little more about my actions.