Thursday, November 25, 2010

The following is a blog post from Vice President of NATIONAL Public Relations (, Marlo Taylor, who is also someone CCI Studios happens to be a big fan of. Mrs. Taylor is a kind and compassionate individual...who also happens to not take any sh*t from anyone...and we think that's pretty cool.

Originally posted on November 24, 2010 at

This post has been bubbling in my head for some time. Last week, a third person was accused of faking cancer and defrauding his supporters out of thousands of dollars.

What is wrong with people? Are you that desperate for attention/money/infamy that you will stoop to pretending to have a disease that continues to ravage the lives of thousands of Canadians and their families every day?

I’ve had cancer and news flash: you don’t want it.

You know what you were pretending, Mr. Oh So Clever Schemer?

You were pretending you walked into the doctor’s office one day and in one fell swoop the wind was knocked out of you and that you were now in for the fight of your life.

You were pretending that everything you love was potentially going to be taken away from you and, unless the miracles of science and God were on your side, there was nothing you could do about it.

You were pretending that the future you can imagine goes not one step further then the end of some hellish treatment, where you will wait again to hear where the journey will take you next.

You were pretending that you spent hours being infused with drugs the nurses won’t touch. Yeah, that’s right, they won’t touch them without gloves but they’re going to infuse them into your veins hoping that it will be enough.

You were pretending that it doesn’t matter that your hair fell out and that you were trying to be brave when you suddenly found yourself standing in a pile of it one morning after what should have been just a regular shower.

You were pretending that there will be other Christmases to make up for the one you missed throwing up after your last round of chemo.

You were pretending that you have one friggin’ clue about what you’re talking about and what it means to fight this bastard of a disease.

You were pretending you have a soul; cuz frankly, if you are capable of this, I highly doubt it.

I don’t even wish cancer on you cuz it sucks that much. How dare you.