Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Consumption. This word has far too many definitions. Whether the word is used in the context pertaining to the things we eat and actually digest or the things we watch, read, and learn about each day. I've heard the word used to describe how a fire engulfs a building; I've heard it used as an old term for wasting away of the body, particularly from Tuberculosis (TB). Someone who had tuberculosis seemed literally to be consumed by the disease.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I remember standing behind the curtain backstage whispering to myself and collecting my thoughts. My heart would be racing and my stomach would be filled with excitement, it was such a thrilling adventure. This was my experience twice a year as a member of a community musical theatre group.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My wedding is quickly approaching and the events that take place prior to the wedding have begun! I am starting to get so excited about our wedding and marrying Tyler (I am one lucky lady). Our stag and doe kicked off these events a few weeks ago and we had a blast.

The planning of a stag and doe was a little overwhelming at times but thankfully, I have wonderful people in my life who wanted to help with all the details. Our family members, friends and wedding party pulled through in so many ways, it made us feel so blessed.

Even through the 10 days prior to the event were stressful, we put together a fun night with music, games, prizes and of course a few frosty drinks and because we have such an amazing bridal party, Tyler and I had fun because we didn't need to worry about a thing.

What was most surprising about the evening was how overwhelmed I was by the love we received from the people who attended. It wasn't that everyone was actually saying "we love you guys so much", it was the fact that people cared enough to take time out of their busy lives to show up, celebrate and help out.

I understand that we all lead busy lives and specifically in the summer months our weekends are jam packed with all sorts of events. There were a handful of people who were unable to attend but even they made an effort to get in touch and wish us a great night.

When I think about the night one quote keeps coming to mind "It takes a village to raise a child". Milestone events in life like a wedding could not take place without "the village" and it definitely would not be as fun. The love we felt from our community that night was overwhelming and encouraging. Tyler and I have attended many stag and does and other events leading up to a friend or family members wedding and we always enjoy taking part in these important moments. Being on the receiving end is wonderful!

We felt a lot of love that night and we are so grateful to live in the community we do, with amazing friends and family all around us.

Thank you to everyone who attended, we feel so much support as we move into the next chapter of our lives as a married couple.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If you've been in Ontario this "spring", I think you would agree with me that this has been one of the most ridiculous springs ever!? Not only did we get blasted with tons and tons of snow this winter; we've also got more rain in a few weeks of May than we would usually get during the whole spring season. It has also been impressively chilly during the early spring months. Do I sound negative? Well, having lots of time to invest in analyzing how the weather affects my mood this season, I came to the realization that I struggle to stay positive when the weather shows no signs of hope!

Have you ever wondered how and why the weather affects our moods and ultimately our actions and habits? Why is it so much easier to wake up in the morning when the sun is shining through the bedroom window? We all know that rainy days go hand in hand with movie marathons and afternoon naps, and winters scream the word "hibernation". As the weather warms up after the long, dark, cold winter, it really does seem like everyone comes out of hiding with a little more jump in their step. Does the sunshine and warmth change something within us to encourage us to action?

I have always believed that the ability to positively affect myself and those around me comes from within. By committing to manage my own positive, motivating thoughts, I can affect not only myself positively, but those around me. Positivity is contagious and it can catch on very easily. Unfortunately, negativity mirrors the same pattern of contagiousness and has the potential to be just as "viral". Positivity can be passed on as if it were the latest viral video to hit YouTube (everyone repeat after me: Friday, Friday).

However, it is often easier to take ownership of our negative feelings and feel entitled to them, rather than dwelling on our positive feelings/experiences. One of the great challenges of spreading positivity is the fact that negativity spreads in a very similar way.

I know there have been times in my life where it felt as though I couldn't muster up a positive thought if I put all my energy into finding one. However, I've learned that staying committed to this positivity is one of the great challenges of persistence in my life. Of course when everything is lining up and things are going well; it is much easier to keep a positive outlook on life. When things are not going our way or there are some struggles in our lives, it is common to pass the blame on to others - OR - find some "well-deserved" sympathy from those who are closest to us. . I know there have been times throughout my life where I have contributed to a negative influence and that negativity dissipated any and all positivity that was near me.

The best way that I have learned to deal with this (and still work it out day in and day out) is to dwell longer on the good times, and shorter on the struggles. The problem with that is when I am down, I feel entitled to feeling down and focus on why I deserve to feel that way. This is a direct example of dwelling on the negative, rather than focusing in on the positive. Maybe there was that one amazing day where the sun was up all day long and you were able to accomplish everything that you could want to do on a beautiful spring day: gardening, wash the cars, play some golf, go for a roller blade,enjoy the bridge, swim, bike, walk, jog, etc.

We have all met that person that somehow still smiles through the storm of life. They somehow find the good in every situation even if it is clearly bad.It is up to us to choose the way we react to the events that take place in our lives. "Living the good life" is all about perspective! If we dwell on the bad times, it will be much easier to feel entitled to negativity and hope that we can find someone to give us the sympathy we feel we deserve. However, if we dwell on the good times, more of those times will come, because we will turn our negative experiences into positive ones, just by changing our perspective. It is one of my life goals to be a person that inspires others to enjoy their lives and to encourage positivity in all circumstances in my life.

Good Times,

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In addition to Website Design and Marketing Stuff, CCI Studios is all about Good Times. As a tribute to CCI Studios Birthday, I would like to share with you what Good Times at CCI Studios means to me.

Getting it done.

Coffee, lattes, Monster energy drinks, jugs of water.

Friday mornings.

Early Friday afternoons.

Late Friday nights chatting about the week.

Clients stopping by the office.

Clients stopping by the office to drop off a putting hole.


Inspiration to overcome challenges.

Satisfied clients.

Excited clients.

Cold beers.

Funny YouTube videos.

The Friday song.

Working with people who love what they do.

Working with people who are passionate.

Working together to build something big.

Doing something different.

Doing something good when no one is watching.

Teaching someone something new.

Creating successes.

Preparing for presentations.

Practical jokes.

Helping people achieve their goals.

Celebrating milestones with a champagne toast!

These are just the first things that came to mind, I could write for quite awhile. There is a lot of Good Times going on at CCI Studios and I thought I would just share a few with you. Happy Birthday CCI!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am engaged and have been for almost a year now. I was so trilled when by boyfriend of four and half years popped the question. We took a few months to decide what kind of wedding we wanted and what season we would like to have our wedding. I have had all of the "major" items booked for about a year now and haven't done much wedding planning recently, until last weekend.

Now don't get me wrong, I am over the moon excited to become Mrs. Lapier but until recently I was not to fond of the idea of wedding planning. Every time I tried to sit down and check a few items off my to do list I was distracted by other tasks. I was starting to feel a little stressed about the entire situation as I have girlfriends who were engaged over Christmas and were scheduling dates for showers and other important events.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I continued to ignore my stress until I cam face to face with the most beautiful white creation I have ever seen. It was destiny that brought us together at that moment in time. I had shopped at a few other stores and tried on lots of dresses and was even beginning to feel hopeless about finding a dress that I would truly love.

I wasn't planning on dress shopping but I had time to kill before I hit the gym so I went into Elegance Bridal on Front Street. I was greeted by Maryanne who was very helpful, kind and honest. She assisted me with finding a dress that would suite my personal style as well as my body shape. It wasn't exactly how I pictured purchasing my wedding dress (I thought I would have my mom or a friend with me) but it was much easier to make the decision when I was the only person who needed to be satisfied with my choice.

The dress was off the rack so I got to leave with it (amazing for me, a very impatient person). I left the store on cloud nine, I was so excited I sat in my car and made three key phone calls before driving to the gym. I called my mom, Tyler's mom and my maid of honour.

After the gym I went strait to Tyler's parents house where my dress currently resides until I find a tailor for her. Next I was onto the location where I booked the stag and doe. This week I have also picked up invitations for the bachelorette party (which I plan on completing before the end of the week), reworked my guest list, delegated tasks and created and extensive to do list for things that need to get done in the near future.

This wedding planning thing is looking up all because I can visualize myself walking down the isle in my dress. I am glad to share these details leading up to my wedding day and I will be sharing much more when my wedding website launches in the near future.

I will keep you posted on all the wedding details, I am sure its going to get interesting!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring has arrived! I feel a little lighter, less sleepy and excited. That's right I have a bad case of Spring Fever. I even Goggled my symptoms and as far as Wikipedia is concerned, I have the Fever. I have been thinking over the past few days "How should I cure such an illness?" and a few activities have come to mind.

Not requiring as much sleep and feeling more energised has encouraged me to get back into my gym routine. I have been able to get up a little earlier a few days this week and hit the gym. This feels great and I think its adding to my good mood and high energy levels.

I have also thought "Hey, I haven't seen so in so for awhile, we need to get together." This great weather brings me out of "hermit mode"; I feel a need to get out with friends I may not have seen because of my past few months of hibernation. St. Patrick's Day is a great day to kick off this fresh social mindset.

Shedding a few layers is another way to deal with the Fever (i.e. heavy coats, hats, gloves etc.). Now, by no means am I about to pack away my winter gear yet because you know as soon as I do that we will be hit with a major snowstorm. I have pulled out my Spring jacket and paired down on the layers a bit and it feels great.

The most problematic symptom that currently ales me; is the need to shop. I first recognize this symptom when I begin to see the fresh Spring colours in the stores. Then I start to put outfits together in my head that are just missing one piece, that new piece would make the outfit perfect for the current season. (Ok, I have a shopping problem that is amplified in the Spring and Fall.) From past experience, if this symptom is not taken care of with a good dose of shopping, the aftermath can be devastating.

I know that there are other people out there that are also suffering from Spring Fever. I have seen them out walking their dogs, riding bikes and there are even those extremists who have pulled out the flip flops and shorts.

I am going to spend my weekend curing my Spring Fever, how are you going to celebrate this new season and enjoy your weekend?