Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In addition to Website Design and Marketing Stuff, CCI Studios is all about Good Times. As a tribute to CCI Studios Birthday, I would like to share with you what Good Times at CCI Studios means to me.

Getting it done.

Coffee, lattes, Monster energy drinks, jugs of water.

Friday mornings.

Early Friday afternoons.

Late Friday nights chatting about the week.

Clients stopping by the office.

Clients stopping by the office to drop off a putting hole.


Inspiration to overcome challenges.

Satisfied clients.

Excited clients.

Cold beers.

Funny YouTube videos.

The Friday song.

Working with people who love what they do.

Working with people who are passionate.

Working together to build something big.

Doing something different.

Doing something good when no one is watching.

Teaching someone something new.

Creating successes.

Preparing for presentations.

Practical jokes.

Helping people achieve their goals.

Celebrating milestones with a champagne toast!

These are just the first things that came to mind, I could write for quite awhile. There is a lot of Good Times going on at CCI Studios and I thought I would just share a few with you. Happy Birthday CCI!