Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A few months ago a letter from the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce came to our office addressed to me. My boss handed it to me with a big smile on his face and stood over me in anticipation as I opened it.

 I was pleasantly surprised and honoured to read that I had been nominated for an Out Standing Business Achievement Award for Customer Service.
I gladly accepted my nomination and waited for my submission package. When I received the outline for the criteria I needed to submit, the nervousness of this entire nomination set in.
Over the next two weeks I began making notes about my process, customer service style and goals. The submission outline required me to really analyze how, why and what I do everyday.
When I began to write and put together my thoughts the process went fairly smooth. I encountered a few moments of writers block but a little inspiration from my favourite sales rock star blogs, assisted me in completing the project.
Upon initial completion, I felt confident in what I had put together. I left the document for a day and decided I would sleep on it and come back to review it the next morning. There of course were a few sleepless moments where I woke up thinking "I need to change this part" and "I forgot to mention" but for the most part, I felt refreshed and ready to review.
As I reviewed it and made my final revisions I was honestly happy with what I had put together because I feel I was successful in accurately transferring my thoughts to paper. After reading this document you would hopefully get a solid feel for the type of person I am and the work I do.
This realization was very scary as is any form of personal expression (like writing a blog). You can't help but wonder what people will think of you. After my moment of fear passed, I was proud of what I had put together and I think I did a good job of explaining why I love what I do! See you at the OBA's.