Friday, February 3, 2012

My name is 'Intern Megg with 2 g’s'. I have been working as a marketing intern at CCI Studios for exactly a month now. I am currently attending Lambton College and in my final semester of the 3 year Business Administration - Marketing program (enough of the boring but necessary details). What I would like to confess in this blog is that sometimes it is very ironic how you end up with a job or in my case an internship.

I believe that connections in the workplace are very important. Especially if you think you will never end up working with someone or even seeing that person ever again. For instance, the only reason I came to know about CCI Studios was through a former co-worker, Heather, from my last co-op position when I was in grade 11. In grade 11, I thought I wanted to go to school for make-up artistry so I did my co-op at Carol Baker Visage. Little did I know that I would change my mind completely and decide to go to school for marketing! Then, as part of that decision, I would run into Heather 4 years later and it would lead to an opportunity to do a marketing internship and become her co-worker once again!

The second thing that I find ironic about how I ended up with this internship is that last semester I applied to do my co-op at Big Sisters. What is ironic is that my boss, Scott, is the Vice President of the Board of Directors at Big Sisters and the whole reason why I did not end up doing my co-op at Big Sisters was because the Board of Directors decided to not hire a co-op student. Luckily, even though I was out of a co-op last semester it still ended up working out for the best this semester. I have a strong feeling that if I did do my co-op at Big Sisters last semester I probablywould still be doing my co-op there and would not have taken the time to look for something else this semester. Obviously Scott did not know that I was the co-op student that was almost working at Big Sisters, but I find it very strange that I now work for him at CCI Studios.

My next confession is all about the atmosphere here at CCI Studios. Even though I have only worked at CCI Studios for a month, everyone in the office has done an amazing job of making me feel like I’m part of the team. Anyone who has ever visited the CCI Studios office knows that it is not set up like a typical office. At CCI Studios it is an open office setting with everyone’s work stations close together (even the pizza delivery guy said it was awesome). Some people might find this setting distracting and hard to work in but somehow I feel that it is better than having a closed door policy and working alone. This atmosphere is very professional, but at the same time, it is nice to have breaks and have small chats with your co-workers. Instead of working for 8 hours straight, you get to interact with co-workers who make you smile with all their funny stories - and still get all your work done.

The other great thing about CCI Studios atmosphere – and my favourite part – is Friday morning meetings! How many people can say that they actually get excited about work meetings? Well as the intern I might make a suggestion and change the word “meetings” to something less misleading. Technically it is still a meeting and we talk about the work week and what needs to get done next week, but the great thing is we sit down every Friday morning together and have a small breakfast. Each week someone prepares a small breakfast and brings in drinks for everyone. During breakfast we talk about “Good Times”, share videos and get to know each other on a personal level. I feel that having these meetings sets us apart from our competitors. I am not sure if our competitors take the time to bond the way CCI Studios does, but it is certainly something I have never experienced in the workplace before. I also believe that these meetings strengthen our team building skills. A great quote from Henry Ford is “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. I feel that this quote sums up how the business is run and shows what a great team CCI Studios is and is a reflection of the success that is achieved here.

Ps. This was my first blog...Does that officially make me a blogger?

Intern Megg