Friday, March 16, 2012

I would like to start off by saying that I hope everyone who reads this blog plans on going to Get the Ball Rolling 2012! If you are not aware of what Get the Ball Rolling is, well then I am glad to tell you. Get the Ball Rolling is a local Sarnia event that helps to raise awareness to young men in our community about testicular cancer through music, food and fun. Each year we do something different and this year is going to be the best year yet!

Are you wondering why this is going to be the best GTBR yet? You can be the judge...We found the perfect venue and signed the best bands to make this night, a night to remember (or not, depending on how much fun you have). On June 9th, Stokes Bay and Paddy Flaherty’s are teaming up to create a unique concert venue on their patios and on the lawn in between the two restaurants.  If you purchase a ticket on the patios you will be considered VIP and have the best seat in the house. The lawn is general admissions and this is where you get to stand in the crowd and feel the music. Did I mention we signed two fantastic Canadian bands? Joining us will be Two Crown King and The Trews.

This year is my first year being part of the GTBR committee. I am very excited to be part of this committee because I love to plan events and I am thrilled that it is for a good cause. I had no idea how much work goes into putting on an event this big but I am about to find out. This week the committee is going over final details and making sure that everything is being planned out perfectly to make the night a success. 

My role on the committee is to basically be account manager and ensure that everything goes as planned. I am also in charge of all social media, designing unique contests and promotions for the event. All the contests will be featured and explained on our Facebook and Twitter page. If you haven’t already done so please follow us on Twitter (GTBRSarnia) and “like” us on Facebook (Get the Ball Rolling). You won’t be disappointed with the prizes and exciting contests leading up to the event!

Intern Megg