Friday, March 2, 2012

I started my internship, here at CCI Studios, only three days ago and I am starting to get the feel of the office. I have never been placed so close to other teammates that are all talking on the phone at the same time. In addition to the chaos, the BEST radio station runs 24/7 in the background. At the moment, Kevin and Heather are speaking to clients with Kelly Clarkson – Mr. know it all “You don’t know a thing about me!!” in the background. 

Though, what my title is referring to is that awkward moment when you receive a Tim Horton’s Roll Up The RRRRim from your boss. From the moment you receive the warm cup of coffee, you have a fear of winning a prize! You drink the coffee slowly, to prolong the pain of the unknown. What would happen if I win? Would I brag? Would I hide my prize? Would I pretend to throw it out? Or would I dare give the prize to the person who gave me the coffee? That is the fear with a small prize like a Latte, donut or cookie. Though, let’s be honest, winning the hybrid car would completely destroy any relationships with the teammates in the office. There is no way to hide that kind of prize and there is no way to give the car away. Even if I would be able to hide my excitement and get the winning cup out of the office, the secret would be gone as soon as I drive up to the office in a new 2011 vehicle. Driving a 1990 pick up truck, with “authentic rust”, one day then a new shiny hybrid the next day might cause some suspicion. 

I am not saying I have won yet, or that I don’t want a Tim’s coffee from the boss, I am simply saying there should be a protocol, of what to do when someone wins, framed on the wall. Roll Up The Rim is a yearly event and I assume everyone is affected emotionally by it. 

I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Lynden Evers and I am currently a high school student, in 12th grade at Franco-Jeunesse (a small, fully bilingual, school with 26 students). I am a sales associate intern, currently in training at CCI Studios. Secretly, I am only here for the mass supply of Keurig coffee and various candies. Good Times.