Friday, April 20, 2012

It is funny how time flies when you’re having fun, as Kevin talked about in a recent blog post “Time flies when you’re having fun! (and getting old?)”. Today is my last day of my 4 month internship at CCI Studios. I am shocked at how quickly these 4 months have flown by. I was very fortunate to find a co-op that was directly related to my program and also given the chance to work with an amazing team of individuals (and I am not just saying that because they will be reading this blog!).

Much like any other graduate this year I will be heading off into the work force and into “the real world”.  I feel that this internship has prepared me for “the real world” and bridged the gap between attending college and entering the workforce. Many students do not get the opportunity to work in a professional atmosphere while in college or university. Most students only experience part time jobs that do not require much thought and only experience a daily routine.
Working in a professional atmosphere is much different from any part time job I have ever had and is a new experience every day. In a professional atmosphere your boss is not constantly looking over your shoulder. You are pretty much on your own for the day and have to outline your own tasks that need to be accomplished in that day. I have also learned in “the real world” that your boss is only going to tell you to do something once. He/she will not remind you every day that you have a test this Friday. My advice would be to invest in a notebook and write everything down!
I have shared many “Good Times” over the past 4 months with CCI Studios and hope that this is not the end!

Intern Megg