Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Brand" is a word often used at CCI Studios.  We discuss the importance of our clients having imaging, messaging and implementation that is creative, engaging and most of all consistent.

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to my personal brand and how people perceive me.  This thought process is the result of a few situations where the recognition of my personal brand was put at risk.

After getting married in October of last year I decided to change my name and take my husband's last name.  At this time, I had been a representative for CCI Studios for 2 years.  I knew changing my last name would affect how people recognize me but I don't think I realized the importance in my name and how much my personal brand affected people's recognition with CCI Studios.

My email signature was changed as soon as I returned to work after my vacation.  I made sure to inform people of my name change so they would know who they were receiving emails from.  For the most part, I think people are beginning to know that Heather Brown is now Heather Lapier.  That being said, I do feel there could still be a negative impact on my personal brand from changing my name.  There are some people I have contacted recently, who are adults I knew as a child and may not recognize me via email or phone.

I had an experience with people not physically recognizing me when I decided to dye my hair from blonde to dark brown.  I remember walking up to people at a networking event and greeting them by name, only to have my greeting returned with confused looks.  I have resolved to stick with my current hair colour.  

It may sound a little silly but both of these experiences have really made me realize how my personal brand i.e. the way I look, my name, the way I interact with others and the messages I am putting out, are so important to my success, as well as CCI Studios'.

We are individual brands and extensions of the companies we work for and with.  Its important that we present ourselves in a consistent manner and in line with our company's brand.

I now give more thought to my personal brand.

Have you given much thought to your personal brand lately?