Saturday, May 26, 2012

I am a self proclaimed fashionista and I give thought to the clothes I buy and wear each day.  I enjoy getting dressed in the morning based on my mood, the weather or what types of activities I will be doing that day.

When I entered the professional workforce, I found it a little tricky to navigate the dress code for the office while still being fashionable.  I know I have made a few mistakes but I have definitely learned a few things over the past few years.

Recently I was working with a young fashionista intern in my office.  Late one Thursday night I received a text, asking me if it would be appropriate to wear ripped jeans on casual Friday.  I thought about this for a second because when I first started working at CCI Studios I asked myself the same question.  I quickly told myself that it is always better to be over dressed for any situation so ripped jeans were not appropriate for me.  But maybe my intern friend did not have the same rule for herself.

I replied by telling her "no" and that she always looks chic and does not need ripped jeans to do so.  She thanked me and the next day showed up in her most professional jeans and a really pretty top.

If you give as much thought to what you wear as me and my intern friend, you may also find dressing for your professional atmosphere daunting at times.  I have decided to record some of my personal rules below, I hope they will help.

1) It's better to be overdressed for a situation than underdressed. 

2) If your boyfriend thinks you smell sexy, that perfume is not appropriate for the office.  Choose a small that is soft and earthy or pretty and floral but nothing alluring.

3) Ripped jeans are not appropriate for casual Friday.  Choose a well fitting pair of jeans. (not to tight) 

4) Get a great suite.  I am still working on this one.  I have some great pieces, like pants and jackets that I mix and match but I have yet to purchase an excellent suite.

5)  Buy great pieces that can be mixed and matched.  I consider shopping for clothes now as "building my wardrobe".  I want to buy classic items that will last through time and fashion trends.

6) Be selective with bare arms and legs, I try to do one or the other.

7) Don't wear a top that is too low cut.  It's not professional and you will be self conscious all day.  

8) Dress for your audience.  If you have a meeting with a client in a creative field, maybe show a little creativity with your outfit.

9) The right shade of lipstick will make you look polished and sophisticated.

10) (The most important rule) Wear clothes that fit you.  Clothes that are too big look sloppy and clothes that are too small or tight may look inappropriate and will be uncomfortable.

Those are just a few tips for my professional female fashionistas.  Happy dressing!