Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We love using social media to interact with our clients, friends and associates.  Below are some tips that we have found useful as we grow our online network.  

Please feel free to comment with your personal social media tips, we would love to hear from you.

Choose The Right Platform
Think about who you want to connect with through social media and which platforms they are most likely to use. 

Keep Your Message Consistent
Like all marketing that comes out from you company, it must be consistent to ensure your message is being relayed effectively.  

Keep It Current
Content should be updated frequently.  If you grab the attention of a user you want to ensure you keep them engaged.

Big Up Your Contacts
Everyone loves getting a shout out, why not be the guy to give one.  The chances of someone following you are far greater if you are the first to show love.

Follow Back If It Fits
It is polite to follow/like someone back.  The only exception is if they are using a program to find people to follow and are not actually engaging their audience.  Just check them out quick before you follow back.

Social Media Is Not Enough
Social media alone is not enough to market your business online.  Social media is one piece and should be accompanied by a website giving you the opportunity to share the full picture of your company with your engaged social network.  

Drive Traffic To Your Website
If you are doing an excellent job of engaging users on your social media platforms, hopefully they want to find out more information about you and your company via your website.  Place links to specific sections of your website to highlight a special product or service that you offer.

Encourage Team Members To Take Part
Each team member is a specialist within his or her department of your company.  Having individuals share information about the company in addition to the corporate account will give your company a more human appearance. 

Start Conversations
Ask questions, encourage conversations and make sure to follow up.  

Be Active With Others 
Take part in the conversations that others have started.  If you find the information they are sharing useful, share it to your network.

Different Platforms Deserve A Fresh Perspective
If you are active on various platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn be present and active in all areas.  Present different facets of your company on each platform, offering the user a fresh perspective as they interact with you in multiple places.  It will give you an opportunity to educate on a greater scale and grow your network.  

The Golden Rule 
The point of social media is the social part, not the media part. Facebook isn't an ad platform it is a personal communication platform. If all you are doing is putting up ads, copies of what is on your site etc. you are missing the point. People enjoy social media because they can more personally connect with each other and you need to use the platform in a personal way. Your mindset should be that you are a person not a company.