Wednesday, October 16, 2013

As the newest member of the CCI team, and a token example of a Gen Y employee,  I was pleased to recognize that CCI Studios employs a ton of ways to capitalize on our generation’s characteristics, keeping us happy and engaged at work, and making sure we love what we do.
In "Y Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money And Grow Your Business," Jason Dorsey has some awesome suggestions on how to do this, but in my opinion, he puts a little too much of an emphasis on how much we love our moms, and how often our moms should hang out at our place of work…

No offence mom.

Dorsey outlines that it’s not always about correcting our behavior, but working with and adapting to our generational character traits in order to motivate us and to help us excel at our jobs.

So how does CCI make it work?

           1. We’re not Disloyal

Generation Y’s are known to “job-hop” more than any other generation. While the average American would switch jobs every 4.6 years, the current rate for Gen Y is every 2.3 years. Job hopping is our form of climbing the corporate ladder, so if our employers can’t outline the path our career is taking, even at an entry level position, we have no hesitations to reaching our career goals elsewhere.

At CCI Studios, we’re given opportunities that allow us to have an entrepreneurial mindset. We put plans into actions, and we can see success in the outcomes of our own work. CCI Studios is  a constantly growing company, which aligns with any young Gen Y's career path. When we share the same goal as the company we work for, we have no reason to leave.
I like to think my career path looks similar to this....
I told you I was a typical Gen Y

1        2. We’re Needy… 

The myth that Generation Y professionals are “needy” and require “handholding” in the workplace should be seen as a major benefit. As the most educated generation in history, we’re entering the workplace later and with less experience than baby boomers had. The “myth” is that we need constant affirmation from our supervisors, but what we really want to know is that we’re doing things right and to the standard that is expected, if not beyond it. 

At CCI Studios, we keep learning every day, and never make the same mistake twice. CCI Studios employees know that they’re a part of CCI for a reason, and that our work has a direct impact of the success of our company. It’s exactly what a Gen Y employee wants to know when they finish work each day. 
          3. We are not unmotivated.

Gen Y’s are motivated in different ways than generations before us. Instead of traditional incentives, such as money, good pensions, and a gold watch upon our retirement, we put our family and relationships before our work, and crave flexibility and engagement in the workplace. All of the decisions we make are backed by the lifestyle we want to live.

Friday morning breakfast!
CCI Studios is all about making sure everyone is happy every day at work. We collaborate on all of our projects, and when you throw a bunch of creative minds in one room, work doesn’t feel so much like…work. We also celebrate Fridays, because Fridays are awesome. We have breakfast together in the morning, and hold Happy Hour at the end of every week. One time my mom even joined in. 

Totally cool... right?

As the strongest advocate for “Good Times,” the culture at CCI is as unbeatable as Chris’s winning streak on our foosball table. If you’re struggling with how to engage with your Gen Y employees, feel free to stop by for Happy Hour, every Friday afternoon from 4p-5p, and see how CCI does it.

And if you can’t make it to Happy Hour, I would definitely recommend that you pick up a copy of Dorsey’s “How to Y-Size Your Business” as your next best option.