Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In Arlene Dickenson’s book, Persuasion, she describes a brand as simply “...your company, everything from the receptionist to the products to the core message, as seen through the eyes of others.”

Everything we do within our organizations contributes to the way we are perceived by others, whether we know it or not.  The entrance way into your office building, your presence online, and your appearances at community and networking events are all small parts of your company that act as a reflection of your brand.

If your customer’s experience with your receptionist is not consistent with the quality of your product, or does not adhere to the core message of your company, what message are you sending your customers?

As a creative agency, we work with our clients to develop and unify their brand, which in return helps them to generate leads and create relationships with their desired customers to ultimately reach their overall goals.

·         What are you doing to ensure people perceive you as you had hoped?

·         What are you doing to shine a light on all of the features that make you, your team, and your company unique?

These are the questions we help our clients answer, allowing us to creatively produce and implement tools to build successful brands.

Now that’s Good Times!