Friday, March 14, 2014

Real estate is a game. Counter-offers, exclusions, conditions, all carefully constructed for the buyer and seller to get what they want. This game of cat and mouse is getting easier thanks to modern technology.

The Canadian Realtor website is a great resource for buyers and sellers. It shows listings for houses, townhomes, and condos in MLS with galleries of pictures and all the details about the property. The site allows buyers to look for properties at their leisure. This becomes important since the listings are updated in real time and there are advantages to submitting the first offer on a property.

When deciding on an offer price, buyers can use the property listings to determine what prices houses are selling for in the desired neighbourhood. The same technique can be applied by sellers to choose an appropriate listing price. This information is just a rough guide. A real estate agent can get a more accurate picture since they can access the actual selling price of some properties, not just the listing price.

There is also an app available for iOS and Android for access to the same listings on a cell phone. 

The ubiquity of cell phones has changed the way we communicate. Buyers and sellers can communicate with their real estate agent at all times, especially important when there are deadlines. “Irrevocable at midnight?!”, no problem.

For less important discussions, text messaging is a convenient platform. When both your realtor and mortgage specialist are available via text messaging, you can ask any quick question at 2AM. And possibly get a response so you are able to sleep!

Documents are often sent as email attachments now, rather than with a fax machine. This allows all the parties to view the document wherever they are. No need to be glued to the fax machine.

The modern house hunter uses these tools to make the process of finding a home painless and enjoyable.

What tools have you used in search of your dream home?