Monday, March 31, 2014

One of the biggest issues designers and creative people can and will come across at some point in their career, is creative block or just a general lack of creativity. Sometimes this can strike at the worst possible times... like "what can I write for a blog post" or when a project is extremely time sensitive. It would be awesome if you could just tell your brain "Alright, I need to be creative right now" sadly, this can't always work, and you can't force yourself to be creative when you really need to be because you will end up with a something that isn't good.

Having suffered through creative block at times, I have figured out some strategies to get past the block and to be more creative. Below are some tips that help me overcome creative block:

Do Some Research
I like to review what others are creating and consider how I could apply some of their techniques to my own work.  I also research design trends ongoing, to be sure I am up to date on what is current in my industry.

Sketch Something
My sketches don't have to relate to what I am working on, but this activity always gives my brain a jump start.

Listen To Music
I'm not sure why this helps, it just always does.

Relax and Get Away From The Computer
Taking a break, going for a walk and just getting outside, will often provide me with fresh inspiration.

Work Outside Of Your Habits
This may include working late at night, but as much as some people don't like staying up all night, I can honestly say that some of the best/creative design ideas I have thought of have happened after 12 a.m.

Here are some resources to reference:

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