Friday, April 25, 2014

One of the best things about my career is how many opportunities I have to meet new people, interact with them and build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships.  I love connecting with people through realtime networking events and online via social media.

This week I attended WIN and was reminded that the relationships I have formed with the women of this group, are not only valuable to my professional life but also to my personal life.  At 22 weeks pregnant my bump is now clearly visible for all to see, the women of WIN congratulated me on this next chapter of my life and continued to share their experiences as mothers.  I received advice, encouraging words and even some honest stories of trials or failures from mothers who were working to balance a thriving career and a growing family.

I left the meeting feeling grateful for all the advice that had been offered and for my relationships with these women.  Networking allows us to share our skills, passions and stories and I believe that if we are honest in the way that we share with others, there are always opportunities to build relationships that allow you to create real connections.  

Thanks to the WIN ladies for inspiring me with your passion for your career endeavours and now for your support as I become a mom. 

I would love to know your thoughts on networking and the value you have seen in your career/life from this activity.