Friday, May 9, 2014

Here at CCI we love an excuse to celebrate and we love to laugh. So, my blog post today is dedicated to all our awesome moms by giving them a shoutout and by sharing some funny Mother's Day content.

The CCI Mom Gang is always here for us from helping us make Friday morning breakfast, to occasionally stocking us up with K-Cups, to even lending a hand at some of our events.  Your support does not go unnoticed and we love that you still help us shine even as adults. Not only individually, but as a company we are pretty darn lucky to have some cool moms hangin' around.

Don't say we never get you anything, here are some pretty nifty "e-cards" especially for you. I don't know if the whole CCI team would pick these ones out, but they sure made me chuckle - then again, if I had it my way there would be a lot more cheesy marketing coming out of this office!

Ok, if those didn't cut it, I really think these videos will help us express our gratitude and give you a good laugh.

First, Lululemon's #appreciatetheMOMent video. From Mom impressions to confessions, this video might make you laugh and tear up at the same time. We think the world of our moms and wouldn't be able to tackle the world without them #warriormom #lioness #badassmoms

Next, you gotta check out this Mom Rap from #Fiat. Although I am not a mother, I imagine most of these could be relatable, PLUS we totally picture our moms as hardcore, tough as nails mothers.

Lastly, #kidpresident will make you feel all warm and fuzzy with his insightful comments into how much we love our moms. MOM upside down is WOW!

Thanks to all the wonderful moms out there! And special thank you and lots of love to our ROCKSTAR moms!